May 6, 2012

Garden Changes

This is what my garden has looked like in previous years:

This year I've rearranged the patio stones to form a border around the edge only and I've made the rows run North-South:

The white dome are covered rows. There are other rows behind it.  

Not only does this give me more space (my paths are smaller than they were made with patio stones), but having rows run North-South decreases the time that taller plants will cast shade on shorter plants.


  1. Anonymous07 May, 2012

    Good day! like how your changed your garden. Showed Nani your blog and she just finds it "cool" how you try alot of things that where done in her time. Have a nice evening.

    Marie and Nani

  2. Hi Marie and Nani,

    So glad you are reading my blog!