June 16, 2012

I just ate dinner.

It was barbecued pac choi...


...and it was amazing!

 This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Barbecued lettuce, kale, kohlrabi leaves, beet leaves...?

Here is what I did:

1. Wash the pac choi as best you can (some dirt stuck between the leaves at the bottom is inevitable).
2. Cut it in half length wise.
3. Drizzle or brush with oil.

4. Barbecue on high!

5. Flip when sufficiently grilled looking or soft on one side.

6. Drizzle with honey and EAT! 

If you like sweet and salty a bit of salt is nice. I also imagine it would be delicious with a wee bit of rice wine vinegar too!

Thanks to Gen and Jim from Our Little Farm for the idea!

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