December 2, 2012

My first knitting pattern!

I published my first knitting pattern on Ravelry recently!

The pattern is for Hand-less Gloves! So practical.

 A Hand-less Glove.

Just kidding! 

The pattern was actually for Chair Socks. 

Knitted Chair Socks.
My grandmother got a new floor and new chairs in the kitchen and wanted to prevent scratches. Rather than use those screw in felt pads, which collect hair and dirt - she wanted these so that she could just throw them in the washer when they needed cleaning. My Memere is nothing if not clean and tidy!

I tried knitting up a pattern that I had found on Ravelry but it wasn't clear and simple to me. So I just combined a ribbed height with decreases at the bottom in stockinette modeled on a mitten I was making at the time. Just for the heck of it I decided to share the pattern for free on Ravelry. Imagine my delight to see a few weeks later that it has been "favorited" 42 times! 

If you are a knitter who hasn't used Ravelry, I would highly recommend it as a great place for patterns (many free) and resources. If you are on Ravelry, don't be shy to share a pattern you've created - it's easy and who knows how many people will appreciate your pattern!

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  1. Awesome! Congratulations on posting your first pattern. :D