February 12, 2013

Une Pieuvre

Just wanted to post a little knitting update regarding the three projects I posted about in January. Nothing like public sharing for a little kick in the pants!

I have yet to start the baby sweater - but I swear I will not let this lag until it no longer fits the baby...I still have a few months before it is born! I've been delayed by knitting swatches over and over again (thrice) to find the right needle size for the yarn I want to use. Finally found it!

Georges is coming along nicely. I am on leg seven today! I hope to finish this by the end of next week but that may be a bit optimistic, considering I always shilly shally on the putting pieces together stages, and I also have to learn the "backwards loop" technique. I can tell I'm getting adventurous in my knitting these days when I start a pattern before even fully reading it through and making sure the techniques used won't be too difficult!

Here's Georges to date:

Georges the octopus. Pattern from f.pea.
Sidenote: knitting Georges has taught me the French word for octopus is "une pieuvre", something my life prior to this has somehow never necessitated. Now I can tell ladies on the bus that is what I am knitting, and receive puzzled expressions in return. (True story.)

What are you knitting, or otherwise creating, these days? Do you know the French names for other sea creatures? How about how to do the "backwards loop" knitting technique?

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