April 12, 2013

Garden 2013

It may be snowing today but I just received some seeds in the mail and I am looking forward to spring planting!

This year I am cutting back on the variety of vegetables in the garden. I have garlic already in the ground from the fall, and I plan to grow two varieties of brussel sprouts: Igor and Doric from High Mowing Organic Seeds

 I will also grow a few usuals, namely lettuce, kale and cherry tomatoes. We will be receiving a CSA box from Our Little Farm again this year, so these plants are just in case I want an extra few leaves of greenery fresh from the backyard during the week. I probably won't need it though as the CSA box is more than enough to satisfy!

The other plant I am excited to try this year is Chufa aka tigernuts or ground almonds. I ordered these seeds through Seeds of Diversity from Co-op Tournesol. These are tubers that grow under a grass-like plant and taste somewhat like almonds - apparently. I have never tried them so this really is an experiment!

What are you growing this year? Any new and unusual plants or varieties?

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