May 10, 2013

Une Pieuvre, finally finished!

 I am finally ready to reveal the finished octopus! It did take me awhile to decide on which eyes and do all the finishing and stuffing. And then it sat on my couch for about a month until I could give it to my nephew! He was very serious at first when he saw it, but I think he likes playing with it...

After knitting up this thing, I was nervous that the felting wouldn't take, but oh did it ever! Two wash cycles in hot water with a towel for agitation did the trick. I washed it in a pillow case to keep it from stretching too much during agitation.

The photos on the right show the before felting (below) and after felting (above). The order is mixed up because I somehow merged the photos into one image that way and I can't figure out how to change it.
The photo on the left is of the wet form stuffed (body only) with plastic bags. When it dried this way it then kept a nice round shape. 
I used a chopstick and the blunt end of a knitting needle to stuff the legs, stuffed the body, sewed up the bottom flap and voila: Georges the Octopus!

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