June 17, 2013

Garden State: beginning of June

Here is what my garden looked like last week:

Large-scale view.

My brussel sprouts are getting too big for their row cover. I've since taken it off.

I planted some overgrown potted tomatoes and basil, and they don't look so hot. In the background is more basil and some pretty sweet lettuce.

The brussel sprouts out of the row cover have been found by cabbage worm. I've been hand picking them off and squishing them.

Do you see the cabbage worm?

Chive flowers!

My recycle bin mint is happy.   

Check out that rhubarb behind me.

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  1. Wow. That rhubarb is amazing, Rachelle. And I love your mint in a recycling bin. I'm having trouble with my potted herbs. I think they can't drain quickly enough for all the rain we've had. They're all quite water logged. My basil turned brown. My chives and cilantro were flooded out and died. I'll try again. Thanks for linking up!