August 18, 2013

Garden Update: Link Up Friday with Outside At Home

It's about time for another garden update! Thanks for the reminder, Outside At Home. This year my garden has been rather on the back burner. 

The chufa I planted never came up. Either that, or I accidentally weeded it out! It does look like grass...a fact I forgot for awhile, but I would be surprised if I weeded it as I was keeping a look-out for anything growing in rows the way I planted them. Oh well, maybe I'll have better luck next year with the ground nut experiment.


This is the bed that used to have the lettuce in it. The extra cosmos flowers I filled in with are thriving. Behind that is some purple, thai, lemon, cinnamon and genovese basil plants that have finally started to grow. They were leftovers from the farm that I did not get to plant out right away, so the stress got to them. Same with the big bushy cherry tomatoes you see here. They are just starting to produce. Better late than never - Sungold cherry tomatoes are just about everybody's favorite!

The brussel sprout bed is full. Not so full of sprouts though - two of the plants have no sprouts for some reason. I should pull the plants out since they are just using nutrients for nothing. If I didn't have a million awesome vegetables from the farm's CSA box every week, I would totally use the brussel sprout leaves. But since I have kale - I'd rather use that!

Brussel Sprouts.

My soy are about ready to eat, despite the leaves being attacked by the Japanese beetle (see below). We love to have edamame lightly steamed and salted.

Japanese beetle getting romantic on my roses.
Pansies have always been one of my favorite flowers. I don't care if it's an insult! Plus, these flowers are actually pretty bad-ass. I planted them mostly dead (I left them without water in too small pots for a few weeks...oops.) and look how they bounced back!

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  1. Rachelle, I love your garden! I love that you went adventurous and tried so many different things. The soy looks great. We too had japanese beetle problems (but not as bad as last year). Thanks for linking up.