January 8, 2014

Sewing a Sorbetto

I'm sewing something! It's the Sorbetto top, a free pattern by Collette Patterns.

This is my first non accessory project so it feels like a big deal. I'm using an old bedsheet to make a wearable muslin for sleeping wear.

So far I've learned:

- How to print and piece together a pdf pattern
- That I need tracing paper and some kind of washable pen! I've always used white Laurentian coloring pencils which aren't ideal, and come to think of it, I don't recall how easy it is to wash out.
- How to make darts

 - How to make a "box pleat"

- How to machine baste - basically using a long stitch setting and not securing the ends with overlapping stitches. This keeps finicky pieces in place but the threads come out easily afterwards.
- What "finish your edges" means and some basic seam types: 
I pinked my side seams and chose a flat-felled seam for a neat and sturdy finish on the shoulders.

Oh! And I also learned how to use the steam function on my iron! For some reason I thought it didn't work, but now I have found the magic settings!

So far I have put the pieces together. Next I have to make bias tape and fix that onto the neck and sleeve edges and then hem this sucker!

I'm really excited to be finally making the time to use my machine and learn the basics of sewing!

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