January 1, 2012

The One Year Pillow Project

It's amazing how long certain small projects take to complete. Or rather, it's amazing how fast time goes while you are not working on said projects...

Last Christmas J got a shirt from my brother with a picture of his favorite sci-fi author on it: Philip K Dick. But despite carefully checking the sizes, the shirt was too small, so I decided to make it into a pillow for J's reading chair. Appropriate considering J has 4 entire feet of PKD books right by his chair. Isn't it wonderful when your favorite author is/was super prolific?

Anyway, that was last Christmas, and I finished the pillow a few days after this Christmas!

  • Uh oh! Tiny Zipper, large pillow, how will it ever fit?

    It fit! Also, this is the first zipper I've ever sewn. Looks ok!


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