March 11, 2012

Welcome To My New Space

Welcome to A Backwards Progress! (Why that name? See the About tab for the story)

I'm pleased to have set up blog where anyone can comment on posts and join in the fun!

The Homestead Edition is my personal blog, where I share with you my excitement in hand-made creating!
I keep track of my DIY adventures in knitting, sewing, gardening, preserving and cooking, with a few good book discussions thrown in for good measure.

I hope that this blog helps me stay in touch with you, old friends, and forge connections with you, new friends. I want us to learn and discuss together things like: 

Slow Living
Sustainable Choices
Skill Reclamation
Spirited Community

Curious to know what I mean by these? Stay tuned for thoughts on each.

I also blog at A Backwards Progress - The Chemical Edition (see tabs above), where I share what I'm learning about minimizing my exposure to the chemicals that make up so many of the products in our lives.

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