July 28, 2012

Return from New Brunswick

The blog has been quiet because JF and I recently spent a week road-tripping and camping in New Brunswick.

I had never seen the ocean (!) so it was exciting to stop at many Bay of Fundy sites, and go on a whale watching cruise (no whales sighted unfortunately). 

The highlight for us both was seeing Hopewell Rocks at low tide and high tide.

Of course everywhere we went we looked for cool rocks and fossils.


Rock at Bay of Fundy, Cape Enrage.

Carved out cave at Hopewell.

So many shiny pebbles to admire!
Doesn't this rock look like a hippopotamus coming out of the earth!?
We had fun camping as well, and had some great views at some of the sites.

I got up early to watch the sunrise over Hopewell Rocks from our campsite.

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