March 20, 2013

Sewing Makes 2010 to present

Just for fun I took a look through my photos and came up with all the sewing projects I have finished since 2010, when I got my new machine. You can see them above (from bottom to top, right to left):

-Tiny owl pin cushion from Moonstitches' tutorial
-Baby blanket
-Needle case that folds up into a faux envelope (x2)
-Felt bird ornaments for Christmas gifts (x6), from The Little Birds Garland tutorial
-Color-block baby hat, from this Tie Dye Diva tutorial
-Felt Matryoshka ornaments for Christmas gifts, from Sew to Speak's tutorial (x4)
-Sofa pillow cover from an ill-fitting T-shirt for JF
-Knitting needle holder, adapted from a pattern found in the Stitch n Bitch Handbook
-Fleece rubber boot socks from Studio Cherie tutorial, great for work at the farm!
-Baby dress from Made by Rae tutorial (still no home for this one - come on friends, someone have a baby girl already!)
-Lined zippered pouches (x3 out of two fat quarters) from this tutorial
-Lined zippered tool pouch for JF. Free tutorial from Craftsy with Kristin from Sew Mama Sew.

I've also used the machine to hem some pants, but overall I wish that I was more productive in the sewing department. After I finish the couple of knitting projects on the go, I intend to get serious about learning to sew. I'm saying this in public so you can hold me to it!

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