May 12, 2013

Garden State: first week of May

Here's what my garden looked like last week, during which I weeded with a wiggle hoe, and mixed in compost.

Compost going in after hoeing.

My compost is full, and even though I try to balance wet and dry ingredients and keep it watered and doesn't seem to be composting. Any tips? Has anyone tried compost starter? Do you think the issue is that sometimes I put in really large chunks of debris?

 Gnome has moved out of the shed to his summer home. Soon to be a patch of flowers. All those little seedlings are calendula from last year's dropped seed.

The chives are out as usual. Always the first thing I use from the garden in the spring.

The garlic is up. I will be scratching compost in around these guys very soon. This is a good time to fertilize in order to encourage large bulbs.

Rhubarb is going great guns. I'll be making rhubarb jam, compote, pies and shrub very soon.

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