August 14, 2013

Sourcing Colourfast Cotton Yarn

Does anyone have recommendations for 100% cotton yarn that does not fade it's colours when washed in hot water and machine dried?

I've been using the ubiquitous Bernat cotton for years for my dishclothes but they fade to dull, ugly colours within a few washes. :(

Not very old cloth on the left, new and unwashed one on the right.

I recently opted for a new pattern (the Double Bump DishCloth!) to mix things up a bit, and I really wish I could keep my dishcloths colourful for longer!

Update: Here seems to be the solution: colourfasting  the clothes in vinegar and water before the first wash.


  1. Hi Rachelle. I found this comment on a web site and thought it may work!

  2. Aha! Thanks so much anonymous. Here I thought it was the fault of the yarn - but a quick google search would have informed me!