November 29, 2013

Knitting a Turban

The cold weather is here and I have knit myself a turban style headband just in time!

Francine Headband.

This is the Francine Headband that I put on my To Knit list back in January! Well, it took less than a year to make; in fact the actual knitting and finishing added up to 4 or 5 hours! I'm ready to start another one!

The pattern is simple and well-written and I love the clever design. You can buy the pattern at Knit Motion by Amélie Bernier, and check out another similar headband pattern by Amélie for free here.

The only trouble I had was when I made the first curved part, I twisted the knitting for the second batch of stitches when picking them up. It doesn't make a real difference in the headband, but next time I will just pick up the stitches like the pattern says, RS facing!.

I also didn't really get the provisional cast-on. I followed this tutorial for using a crocheted chain as the base, but when I went to pull my crochet chain out, it didn't unravel and I had to pick out. I figured I just cast on with my needle in the wrong spot of the "hyphen" side, so I did the second piece the same way but with my needle casting on the other spot of that side. That didn't work either, so I had some more unraveling to do!

I thought I would have to learn the Three Needle Bind Off method for the seam, but it turns out I already know that one - as demonstrated by my MIL, although she could not remember the English name for the technique.

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  1. Thanks for the comment about our recycled creature, Rachelle. Okay, your turban looks awesome on you. So great. Hope you and JF are doing well and enjoying the cozy holidays!