March 13, 2014

Quick projects and a few WIPs (works-in-progress)

My life hasn't had a lot of space for creative crafting lately, but here are the bits and bods I've been squeezing in!

Flat zippered pouch #2.
I sewed up this tool pouch for JF to match the first one I made. He's gotten another set of small specialized tools that needed a home. I made this using instructions from the free Craftsy class on making bags.

The hat to go with them didn't turn out, but these MaryJane style booties were so fun to make! They will soon be worn by a little one expected in our extended family.

Owl sweater in progress
The famous owl sweater was coming along great in January but hasn't been touched in quite a few weeks...I am not quite sure the size I picked will fit. Depending on the relaxing it does when I block it, I may be looking for something slightly smaller than me to adopt this one! :(

Rollin' beret #2.
I lost my hand knit hat! Thankfully I still had yarn leftover so I am making a replacement! This time I picked a size smaller, which should fit better than the last. However, if I lose this one I am not knitting a third because I won't have enough yarn and I think it has been discontinued.

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