May 25, 2014

Garden Plans 2014

So spring has finally sprung and I have not been making time to play in the garden much. This would have been the weekend to do it but instead I spent a lot of time resting due to a bad cold that knocked the stuffing out of me. 

When I do get to finish planting here is what will be in my garden (some of these are in the ground already):

1. Lots and lots of garlic (can't wait to make more scape pesto!). I planted 11 different kinds last fall.

2. The usual suspects - chives and mint are both up already.

3. Rhubarb! 
My rhubarb is already huge.
And after two days of +31C, one flowered, but I promptly put a stop to that!
4. Chufa nuts, try #2! I really hope to get some this year to taste their almondy-ness. 

5. Montreal melons! Try #2, from seed that may have been cross-pollinated though, so not sure what I'll get! My seedlings are stashed in a small corner in the farm greenhouse so this year they should be ready in time!

6. Mache, first time try and I've never tasted it either. Heard about it at a farm conference last year. It's a fancy green popular in Europe?

7.  Hibiscus! How much tea can I get out of 4 plants, I wonder? Better stock up in time for my next cold.
Hibiscus flower tea, aka "bisap", is great for sore throats.
8. Parsely - last year's parsley-less season was sad. I <3 parsley!

9. Spinach, for those last minute salads or greens in burgers.

10. Peas, because who can ever have enough spring fresh snow peas!?

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