July 14, 2011

44 Orange

Oops, I labelled it incorrectly. It's 44 Orange not Orange 44!
This is my latest project. Coffee-orange liqueur for Christmas-time. The recipe is as follows:

Cut 44 small slices in a washed, organic orange. Stuff a coffee bean in each slice.
I added a few cloves as well for a different taste, and I think cinnamon would be interesting too.

Put the orange in a tightly closing jar (a not-too-large orange can fit into a regular mason jar. Otherwise, use a wide-mouth) and pour in 4 cups of eau-de-vie, vodka or other grain alcohol. (Higher proof is apparently a better extract, but you will need to mix the final product with ~1cup of water)

Add 6 tablespoons of sugar (some recipes call for 44 sugar cubes - a bit much I think!)and close the jar.

Shake until sugar dissolves. 

Continue shaking occasionally over 44 days. Then remove the orange, and let liquid sit for another few months. Add more sugar or water to taste as needed.

Enjoy in tiny liqueur glasses.

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