September 2, 2012


Why do I can?

Firstly I do find it a lot of fun, and satisfying to see and enjoy the fruits of one's labour in the kitchen.
Secondly, it's about taking back power. It's about doing something for myself that we've long since outsourced to strangers and corporations. 
It's also about taking responsibility, for the safety of my food, for the health of my body and for knowing how to feed myself well.

Salsa and quartered tomatoes.

I like knowing how to make my own food. 
I like not having to bother with reading the ingredient list and comparing it to my tediously compiled list of dubious food additives. 
I like skipping over the scientific debates and the gaps where no studies have been done over the safety of a chemical or product. 
I like having direct control over every ingredient and the cleanliness in preserving my own food.
I like the direct contact with the food in its raw forms, colourful fruits and veggies transformed in my hands.
I like the near alchemy of turning cabbage into sauerkraut, of turning rhubarb into shrub, berries into jam.

Preserving for me is about: sustenance, connection and independence. 


  1. Okay, can you tell I'm just now catching up on all your blog posts? I love this one. I want to try canning this year... and this post really inspires me to do it.

  2. Awesome Mary! What do you think you'll try first?! I've only been preserving for about 3 years so I still remember my first attempts and all the new things I had to learn! Let me know if you want any recipe suggestions. :)

  3. Thanks Rachelle. I re-posted this on our blog because it was so inspiring. I'm thinking of making some chutney. Also, I's like to can tomatoes. Any tips or lessons learned would be most helpful.