September 6, 2012

Sewing Fleece Boot Socks

I have been doing a little sewing these days. The cooler weather and slower growing weeds in the garden are affording me a little more time for that sort of thing. Speaking of cooler weather, mornings at th farm are already chilly. Especially since I usually end up soaking wet with frigid well water on harvest days, when we wash up the veggies!

I knew I had this free pattern for making fleece boot socks, so I dug it up and had a go. The whole process didn't take that long, and I am now the happy, warm-footed owner of these babies:

Try to imagine these in rubber boots, my boots are at the farm and my socks are at home!
The pattern states it is for women's foot size 6-9 but my size 7/8s do stretch it out quite a bit. If making it again I would widen the heel about a half inch, and add an inch to the length.

 I was also disappointed that although the pattern was for a 11" high boot, which mine are, they are way too long and when the cuff is folded down, you can see the seam where the cuff attaches. Either I did something wrong when following the pattern (quite likely), or the pattern needs to be cut down quite a bit in height.

Overall they were fun to make and I'm looking forward to warmer feet at work!

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