February 23, 2013

Easy Smoothie Trick

So I suspect I may be a bit late in the game about this but I just learned something that will revolutionize the way I make smoothies and other small blender batches! Did you know you can do THIS?:

Personal size mason jar blender!

I had no idea that regular mouth mason jars fit onto most blender blades! This is so handy for making a small amount of something, in a container that you can then cap and store if you wish. And clean up is easier than with the actual blender!

Of course, it's important to make sure your jar isn't chipped or cracked before using it, and to leave enough empty space in the jars for the contents to move around freely.

By the way, do you love my awesome blender? It's an heirloom - handed down to us by my mother-in-law. :) It still works wonderfully even though it's so old it was made in Canada! Judging from the colours, which actually match my microwave (see left-hand corner of photo) I'm guessing this was made in the 70s. The microwave is still going strong too. Although, I wouldn't mind if it died since it's so large it's taking up enough counter space for several other appliances!

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