February 16, 2013

Fabrications: New Ottawa Fabric Store opens in Hintonburg!

Have you heard the good news about a new local fabric store that just opened in Hintonburg?! The brainchild of former government workers Curtis and Carrie (alliteration!), the store - cleverly called Fabrications - is located on Somerset Street West.

I was pleased as punch to discover it through an interview featured on Apt613 and I promptly told all my RL friends about it. Now I'm telling you, dear blogosphere friends! 

Fabrications carries beautiful fabric; I'm particularly excited about the adorable Japanese prints and organic fabrics. Of course, they also carry the usual patterns, notions and trimmings, but that's not all. They have 6 sewing machines and a serger for hourly rent! They have ironing and cutting stations and dress forms for in-store use! This is perfect for those of us who want to sew in a big party-like group, but don't like the thought of schlepping our machines all over town, and for those of us with no machines or space to work at home. They also offer classes ranging from beginner to advanced sewing projects and even book binding. Silk screening will soon be an option at the store as well. If this sounds too good to be true, you had better run on down to check it out for yourself! (Purchases can also be made online). It's rumoured there may even be free coffee....

I want to let you know that through this post, I will be receiving a 10% discount on my next purchase at Fabrications. Obviously I'm pleased about that discount because there is so much I would love to purchase from there!! It's important to support local commerce when we can - thanks Curtis and Carrie for giving us the opportunity to do so when it comes to sewing!

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