November 20, 2012

Fall Garlic and Sundry

Wow, I know I really disappeared for a little while. 

Work at the farm has wrapped up (for me at least) with taking the last veggies and irrigation etc. out of the field, cleaning up and storing all sorts of tools and supplies. It was getting mighty cold but thankfully Farmer Jim likes to provide things like lined rubber gloves and rubber aprons, so in 5 degree October weather, one isn't soaking wet as well as cold!

After the farm, I took 10 days to visit a dear friend in Sault Ste. Marie, and then moved NE to visit family. Both visits were great and I enjoyed being on holiday - staying up late, spending more time in the kitchen, reading and KNITTING!

Before I left on vacation, I even managed to plant my garlic this year! This is the third year I've been saying I will plant garlic, and the first that I actually get around to it. I'm very excited to harvest some next summer and save a portion for planting the following fall! You can never have too much garlic! Maybe I'll even braid some like I learned from this year's farm party.

Next year's garlic!
Other fall activities in the yard included putting away the hose and planter pots, raking our leaves and putting a bunch in the compost, layering some on top of the rhubarb patch to protect it and stuffing two garbage bags full for (hopefully!) making leaf mold compost.

Now I'm back in work mode, working at a laboratory doing all sorts of cool science!

I hope your fall weeks have been full of family, friends and satisfying productivity like mine!

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