December 23, 2012

Reflections on Preserving Part 1: Hits

Recently I've been reflecting on my canning successes and failures.  Okay, I haven't actually failed at any preserving that I've tried, but there are certainly preserves I won't be making again. Some we didn't like, while others were great but we struggled to use them up or they were just too involved to make. Here is Part 1 of my thoughts on my past preserving experiences, specifically, what I would definitely make again:

-Blueberry Cinnamon Butter in the slowcooker - using the slowcooker made this even easier than usual jam recipes!

-Strawberry Jam

-Raspberry Blueberry Jam

-Rhubarb Compote - great on toast, oatmeal and ice cream

-Applesauce - Note to self to remain  patient and avoid turning up the heat - burnt apple and sugar is hard to scrub off the pots. Also next time I won't overfill the jars and thus avoid applesauce leaking out into my water bath...

-Pickled Green Beans with Allspice - a definite favorite among family and friends

-Whole or Diced Tomatoes - This may be the most useful preserve I make!

-Apple rings -It's hard not to eat the equivalent of several apples in these at one time!

-Mint tea - Has been well received when gifted in pretty jars and one of my favorite teas.

-Basil - I still have some from 2010! This gets used slowly. Definitely dry thai basil though for those pac choi soups and stir fries.

-Basil Pesto - useful dinner standby

-Arugula Pesto - I'll mix this with basil or kale for a less sharp taste.

-Sauerkraut - still working on perfecting this one, but it goes so well with so many things that we eat!

-Kombucha - lots of options for making different ones with a variety of teas and sweeteners.

RumptofDelicious! Need to make cocktails or something else with the fruity syrup leftovers though.

-Vanilla ExtractNo need to make this often - it lasts forever!

- Rhubarb Shrub - great thirst quencher with an interesting history!

*Part 2 and 3 of this post series can be found here and here.

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