December 25, 2012

Reflections on Preserving Part 2: Misses

Here is Part 2* on my past preserving experiences, specifically, what I won't be making again:
Raspberry Curd

-Raspberry Curd - The first recipe I tried from this wonderful (and beautiful) book: Preserving by Pat Crocker ended up a bit disappointing. Somehow the raspberry curd tastes like sweet potatoes! Not my favorite use for raspberries, although it still makes a nice pastry filling topped with fruit.

-Dandelion Flower and Ginger Jam - It takes much too long to separate all the yellow petals from their green bases (the green is bitter), and if you have allergies to pollen, eating this will probably set them off as it did JF.

-Strawberry Vanilla Jam - This was just too sweet. Might make a nice gift for those with a sweeter tooth than I (a hard thing to imagine!).


-Dandelion Root "Coffee" - Too bitter, but otherwise a good alternative hot, brown drink. Good to keep in mind in case of an apocalyptic collapse of coffee production and sale. Might be improved mixed with dried chicory.

*Part 1 and 3 of this post series can be found here and here.

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