January 3, 2014

Finishing Friday: Heartfelt Rings, a ten minute craft.

So, photographing felted rings is really hard! But I managed to get a few focused photos of my new bling.

This is a ravelry pattern from Tiny Owl Knits, home of some of the cutest knitted creative whimsy on the interweb!

Maybe while wearing these my hands will finally stay warm!

They made me think of felted brass knuckle, and behold, the google says they already exist! I want to make a pair with hearts...who wouldn't want to be punched in the face by tiny fuzzy hearts?!

These would also make great beads for dreadlocks. You could even felt them after putting them on the dread - making sure they fit perfectly! When I had dreadlocks in high school I meticulously painted skateboard brand logos on wooden beads to use in my hair. See?

Beads in the dreads.
I love this photo because not only is the view awesome, but my hair is doing what I call "the pineapple".
Okay, humour me, one more! I loved my dreads. Wish I had kept them for longer.

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