April 5, 2014

French, lists, words ending in "erie"

Une poissonnerie - a fish market along the St. Laurence.
Over the years I've been slowly but surely improving my French skills. Since I like lists, I've made a few lists of French words that tickle my fancy. While vacationing up the St Laurence coast I started noticing lots of words, at first mostly related to food (all bold), that ended with "-erie."  So I started keeping a list and here is the current iteration! I hope it tickles your fancy as it does mine.

1. l'animalerie (pet shop)
2. la beurrerie (butter making/shop)
3. la bergerie (place where sheep are kept)
4. la bijouterie (jewellery shop)
5. la boucherie (butcher shop)
6. la buanderie (laundromat)
8. la binerie* (place where you make/eat beans.)
6. la boucanerie* (smoked goods (meat) shop)
7. la boulangerie (bakery)
8. la brasserie (brewery, pub)
9. la charcuterie (cooked meats, delicatessen)
10. la chocolaterie (chocolate making/shop)
11. la cidrerie (cidre making/shop)
12. la confiserie (sweets making/shop, see also sucrerie)
13. la conserverie (preserves making/shop)
14. la cordonnerie (cobbler's, shoe store)
15. la crémerie (dairy shop ie ice cream, cheese)
16. la croissanterie* (croissant making/shop)
17. l'ébénisterie (cabinetmaking)
18. l'épicerie (grocery store)
19. la foresterie (forestry)
20. la friperie (secondhand clothing shop)
21. la fromagerie (dairy, cheese shop)
22. la fruiterie* (grocery store)
23. l'imprimerie (printer's shop)
24. la joaillerie (jewellery shop, specifically related to precious gems and minerals)
25. la lainerie* (yarn shop)
26. la laiterie (dairy)
27. la liquoristerie (liquor making work/shop)
28. la lunetterie (eyeglasses store)
29. la lutherie (stringed instrument making/shop)
30. la maçonnerie (masonry)
31. la maroquinerie (tannery, leather shop, see la tannerie)
32. la meunerie (flour mill/milling)
33. la miellerie* (honey producing/shop)
34. la papeterie (stationary, stationary shop, paper mill)
35. la pataterie* (chip stand)
36. la patisserie (pastry and pastry shop)
37. la poissonnerie (fish market)
39. la quincaillerie (hardware store)
40. la raffinerie (refinery)
41. la sandwicherie (sandwich shop)
42. la savonnerie (soap factory)
43. la sucrerie (sweets, sugar refinery, maple forest in Quebec)
44. la tannerie (tannery)
45. la taxidermie (taxidermy)
46. la viennoiserie (pastry made with sweetened dough ie a croissant)
47. la vitrerie (glaziery, window glass making/shop)

(*Note some of the words seem coined to be cutesy shop names and aren't really used as general nouns, or at least I didn't find them in the online dictionary I used.)

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